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Keystone Abrasives has available a wide selection of quality sandpaper and coated abrasive sheet goods to meet the needs of your finishing or hand sanding applications. Listed below are many of the popular abrasive sheet goods we supply.

9" x 11" is the standard size, but we can cut the sandpaper sheets for you!
1/4 sheets (4.5" x 5.5") - 1/3 sheets (3-2/3" x 9") - 1/2 sheets (4.5" x 11)- (5.5" x 9")
9" x 11" Abrasive Sandpaper Sheet Goods

  • Black S/C W/D: Our quality latex impregnated waterproof abrasive sandpaper sheet. It is commonly used for sanding paint, primers, and other finishes. Can be used  WET! Abrasive sandpaper sheet grits 60 - 2000.  
  • White S/C N/L: Our S/C N/L is simply one of the best Silicon Carbide Non-loading abrasive sandpaper sheets available. It is commonly used for finish sanding of wood, and between coats of finish. Abrasive sandpaper sheet grits 80 - 600.
  • White A/O N/L: Our A/O N/L abrasive sandpaper sheets are among the best available. It provides long life and consistent finishes. The A/O N/L is commonly used for finish sanding of wood, but can be used on paint, lacquer, and other finishes as well. Abrasive sandpaper sheet grits 60 - 400.
  • A/O J wt. Cloth: Tough, Durable, and Long Lasting Sandpaper. Designed to take quite a beating. These quality sandpapers are commonly used for sanding both wood and metal surfaces. Coated Abrasives  sandpaper sheet grits 40 - 400.

Automotive Body Abrasive SandPaper File Sheets:

  • Body Files: Sizes available are 2.75" x 17.5" in Blue Film Plain, or 2.75" x 16.5" in Blue Film PSA, 36 and 40 grit sold 50 per pack., and 60 grit and finer up to 240 grit sandpaper sold 100 per pack.

Besides these popular abrasive sandpaper sheet goods, Keystone Abrasives offers numerous other coated abrasives sandpaper products! 

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