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Coated Abrasive Products Manufacturer
sanding belts from keystone abrasives request a sanding belt price quote

Keystone Abrasives manufacturers top quality Sanding Belts using state of the art equipment. This, plus our technical expertise, allows us to provide our customers optimal performance and durability. We can manufacture any size Sanding Belt from 1/8" to 54" wide at any length required. All of the Sanding Belts we manufacture are bi-directional butt spliced, allowing them to be run in either direction. Specific processes are used to manufacture each belt to best suit their intended application. In addition to our standard Sanding Belt joints we also manufacturer: Low Profile, Sign Wave, Inset, High Strength, High Flex, High Temp & Waterproof belt joints, to best suit your sanding requirements.

Portable & Platen Belts: 1"x 30", 1"x 42", 3"x 18", 3"x 21", 3"x 24", 4"x 24", 4"x 36" & 6"x 48" all are popular sizes that we frequently manufacturer, and maintain inventory. Many other sizes available by request. Graphite Platens and Belt Cleaning Sticks can prolong the life of portable & platen sanding belts, and they are available through Keystone Abrasives.

Wide Belts: Keystone Abrasives is known for consistently manufacturing top quality Wide Belts constructed to provide optimal performance. We can make Wide Belts up to 54" wide at any length using a number of quality coated abrasives materials, and splices custom manufactured for specific sanding applications. Sizes 36"x 75", 37"x 60" & 37"x 75" plus others, are in stock for same day shipping.

Edger Belts: Keystone Abrasives can manufacturer any size Edger Belt to fit your machine, from a variety of quality coated abrasive products engineered for sanding wood.

Stroke Belts: We can manufacture any length stroke belts for both wood and metal applications.

Grinding Belts: High performance polyester belts designed to provide high stock removal rates and durability. Premium A/O, Zirconia and Ceramic Abrasives materials available.

Metal Polishing Belts: Our FlexPRO and Aluflex belts are simply among the best flexible abrasive metal polishing belts available. High performance X flex and X weight products are also available.

Mini Belts: Keystone Abrasives can manufacture mini belts of almost any size from 1/8" and wider. We offer one of the strongest and flexible belt joints available.

SCM Belts: Surface Conditioning Belts, available in Fine, Medium and Coarse, in either standard or low stretch. Any size available up to 37" wide.

Pump Sleeves: Flexible abrasive sleeves used for contour sanding. We can manufacture any size to fit your air filled or sponge drum.

Glass Belts: Our Black Diamond silicon carbide material is designed to provide optimal performance for glass sanding applications. Black Diamond is used by many of the top glass manufacturers in the country. Burned belt edges are available.

Keystone Abrasive’s most popular materials:


  • WoodPRO: This is a high tech material designed specifically to provide outstanding life and durability for many wood belt sanding applications. It is made with a special open coat A/O grain and a strong "X" weight poly/cotton cloth backing. WoodPRO is antistatic, washable, and it also has additive in the resin to resist loading. It is excellent for making both narrow and wide belts. 36 - 320 grit

  • Durawood HD: This is our heavy duty "Y" weight antistatic open coat aluminum oxide full polyester material. It is a high performance wood sanding product, with a heavy duty poly backing. It is a popular choice for many Stroke Belt, Edger Belt and Wide Belt wood sanding applications. It is also washable. 24 - 220 grit

  • GreenKut: New High Performance Ceramic Woodworking abrasive. The New Greenkut has a higher price then most aluminum oxide materials, but for many wood sanding applications it will last 5 to 10 times longer. 80, 100 & 120 grit

  • FA Paper: This is our quality "F" weight aluminum oxide anti-static paper designed to give excellent and consistent finishes. It is available in 60 - 220 grits.

  • Keystone X: This is our versatile industrial grade closed coat aluminum oxide poly/cotton cloth material. It is an excellent choice for many hard wood or metal sanding applications. It is a suitable for making both narrow and wide belts, plus discs and several specialty abrasive items. 24 - 400 grit.

  • Aluflex: Designed for efficiently sanding of contoured surfaces. Aluflex is a standard resin bond "J" weight aluminum oxide material, made with a semi open coat grain disbursement to minimize loading. Aluflex is a popular material for pump sleeves and polishing belts used to sand rounded or curved surfaces. Aluflex works exceptionally well for contour wood sanding, and polishing softer or non ferrous metals. 60 - 600 grit


  • Premier HD: Premier HD is made with a strong "Y" weight backing, a premium heat treated aluminum oxide grain, and a strong resin bond system. It is designed to provide superior performance on metal grinding applications, including both ferrous and non ferrous alloys. 24 - 400 grit

  • FlexPRO: This is a high quality "J" weight material made with a premium heat treated aluminum oxide grain. Excellent for metal finishing and metal polishing applications. It is one of the best flexible metal finishing material available today. 60 - 600 grit

  • Maxicut & Maxicut HD ZA: High performance heavy duty "Y" weight full polyester type III alumina zirconia material, designed to provide superior cutting action and durability sanding carbon steel, stainless steel, and other ferrous and nonferrous alloys. Great for grinding gate, and risers, & general stock removal. 24 - 120 grit

  • Maxicool & Maxicool HD ZA: High performance heavy duty "Y" weight full polyester type III alumina zircionia material, with grinding aid, to reduce the grinding temperature. Excellent for sanding stainless steel and other steel or metal alloys that are sensitive to heat built up during the grinding process. Use dry. 24 - 120 grit

  • Coolgel CA: High performance heavy duty "Y" weight full polyester low concentrate ceramic coated abrasive material. It has a top coat grinding aid, to reduce the grinding temperature. Designed for sanding stainless steel and other carbon steel or metal alloys. 24 - 120 grit

Specialty Products

  • Utility Flex: This is an industrial grade shop roll material. It is an aluminum oxide "J" weight material, made with a cotton backing. Commonly it is used for shop rolls and handy rolls. Because of its exceptional quality, this material has also been used for some other specialty applications. 60 - 400 grits

  • Black Diamond: High quality silicon carbide waterproof polyester cloth material. Black Diamond is a high performance material excellent for sanding glass, stone, rubber & plastic. It also works well for certain wood and metal sanding applications. 24 - 600 grit

Besides these popular items…. Keystone Abrasives also has several other coated abrasives products available!